Incorrect rates for a resource in WIP, the catch-all row is used
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Incorrect rates for a resource in WIP, the catch-all row is used


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Some of the resource class rows in the PPA_WIP database table reflect an incorrect rate. 


Release : Any


The rate ended on 12/19 and the transactions were posted on 12/21. The new matrix row was added in 12/23, so this is why a catch-all rate was used


To fix the problem, there are two options:

  1. Create WIP Adjustment, enable Calculate New Rates, Approve the adjustment
  2. WIP Transfer with Calculate New Rates (potentially possible to resolve an entire page at a time, but has to be tested). Select Recalculate New Rates when you transfer. The only thing is to make sure you transfer to the same task so there are no variations with that.
Unfortunately there is currently no way for adjustments to be xogged in. There is a way to insert new transactions with negative amounts but that can lead to problems so we do not recommend it.

Additional Information

Note: You may consider removing the catch-all row if it's easier for you to monitor the Invalid Transactions screen and correct the issues before the costs get posted to WIP