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SC13-10 abend running a CA JCLCheck Workload Automation job with concatenated input PDS data sets


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When running a CA JCLCheck WA job having more than one input PDS data set (SYSIN DD is concatenated), and runtime option DIRUPD is also used, CA JCLCheck failed with error:

IEC153I C13-10,IFG0194A,jobname,stepname,SYSIN-0002,device#,serial#,dsname
What should you do in this case?


If the SYSIN DD must be concatenated using PDS dataset, remove runtime option DIRUPD or disable it by specifying option NODIRUPD.
Option DIRUPD (Directory Update) is used by the CA JCLCheck /CA APCDOC interface.

Error C13-10 occurs when a concatenated PDS is OPEN for OUTPUT or EXTEND.
Option DIRUPD causes CA APCDOC to open the SYSIN PDS file for OUTPUT processing. The SYSIN DD is concatenated thus error C13-10 error is issued.
CA JCLCheck r11 supports concatenated input PDS data set, but CA APCDOC does not.


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