Unable to email reports from CAPC after upgrade to 20.2.6
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Unable to email reports from CAPC after upgrade to 20.2.6


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CAPM Reports run, but cannot be emailed after the upgrade to 20.2.6. I have verified that the email server is configured and can be resolved by DNS. 


Dx NetOps Performance Management 20.2



After turning on email debug:


1. Go to the following URL on the Performance Center system:
   http://<CAPC host>:8181/pc/center/admin/config/logs?listing=all
2. In the right column, set debug level to TRACE for the following Categories:
3. If com.ca.im.portal.dm.scheduling.email.EmailJobTask is not listed, add it at the top of the screen:
   A. In the Category field, enter: com.ca.im.portal.dm.scheduling.email.EmailJobTask 
   B. In the Level field, set to TRACE
*no description is necessary
   C. Click the Add button
4. Click the Update button to set the new debug levels


... the following is seen in DMService.log


"Error sending e-mail: HTTPS hostname wrong:  should be <xxx>"


Update SSoConfig and change "Web Service Host" and "Web Site Host" under (1. DX NetOps > 3. Performance Center > 1. Remote Value)  to the CAPC IP address rather than the server name

Reports were now successfully sent via email