Question about CSE Database Creation - Full Text Indexing
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Question about CSE Database Creation - Full Text Indexing


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Under the Pre-Requisite Database Creation on the SQL Server, Check Box (Full Text Indexing) is greyed out (checking/unchecking) in database property window.

Is there any impact of leaving the full text indexing checkbox as on?



Release: 8.6

Component: CA Gen Build Tool



 If you are using the standard edition of SQL Server and that the SQL Server Full Text Search (msftesql.exe) service is installed and running, there should be no reason for the "defining full text index" content menu item to be grayed out.

Kindly refer to the Full Text Indexing for your reference.

If you wish to check whether Full text indexing is installed or not, please follow the below query and refer the below link 

select fulltextserviceproperty('isfulltextinstalled')  

Why Full text Indexing is greyed out  

by using the above 'select' and reviewing the Windows Services for Full Text Search, you can determine if it is installed or not.

If Full Text Search is installed, then use the steps in the following link to disable it.

 Steps to Disable/ Enable Full text Indexing