analytics data disappearing
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analytics data disappearing


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CA API Developer Portal


After running the API, Analytics will be displayed, but after a while the data will disappear.

Reproduction procedure:
01. Do "Publish APIs with the API Proxy and Policy Manager"
02. Do "Enable Analytics for Gateway-Published APIs"
03. After that, do the API.
04. Show Menu of Portal -> "Monitor" -> "Traffic,Latency&Errors   Reposrt"
  Result: The API graph is displayed.
05. After a few hours, go back to the "Traffic, Latency & Errors
  Reposrt" page.
  Result: "No data" is displayed.

Also,  The following phenomena are  occurring.
. When you do "docker service ls", REPLICAS of portal_minio becomes 0/1.
. When "docker servle ps portal_minio" is done, the state is as follows
   CURRENT STATE: Complete
. Because of the above state, I performed "docker service update" referring to the following manual, but REPLICAS becomes 1/1 once, but after a while it returns to 0/1. docker-swarm / troubleshoot-the-installation.html
"Deployment Failure"


Release : 4.5

Component : API PORTAL


MinIO system is part of the analytics engine, the Druid system uses it to store data. (you can check the API Portal Architecture in the 4.5 document)
So  the root cause of the problem -- if MinIO is down, the Druid has no data to show, we need to fix the portal_minio.


It seems to be an know issue and due to the healthcheck,

The workaround is to disable the portal_minio service.
The following command can be  disable healthcheck for portal_minio service,
docker service update --no-healthcheck portal_minio

The command requires API version 1.25 or above, run "docker version" command to check API version. If the docker version is too low, then  to upgrade docker first.