How do You Change who has MASTER Authority in Ca View ?
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How do You Change who has MASTER Authority in Ca View ?


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There has been a request to define a new logical view, and a "Unauthorized Access" message was received.

It was found that, to define a logical view, that Master authority was needed.

How do you change who has Master authority?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Running SARINIT, with MASTER=xxxxxxxx will give ID xxxxxxxx master authority.

Once xxxxxxxx gets master authority, they can go in through Primary panel command "DEF USER", and can assign Master authority to others as well.

A change in the MASTER=... parameter does not require a recycle of the SARSTC task, or of any other View tasks.

Master authority does not, in and of itself, mean that a logical view can be defined, as that is a resource that View security manages, but it is best to give reassigning the Master a try first.

Upon having the authority, if the message "View/filter conflict" is received when there is a "Filter Name" currently active in the logical view in question:

. In the report browse, where the "View/filter conflict" message is received, issue command "FIL F" to turn off the currently-active filter.

. With that, in the report browse, you should then be able to use the "VIEW" command to see the associated logical view definition, and no longer receive "View/Filter Conflict" message.

. If you go to the logical view definition, there is a "Filter Name" field, which indicates the filter that was turned on.

. After the logical view definition is acted upon, you can use command "FIL N" to activate the filter again.