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What to do when getting SCM error E0302067b for path refactoring?


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister



During move path, rename path or remove path transactions, user might get error like below:

E0302067b: The path xxxx can not be refactored because the changes will conflict with other package XXXX.

When using SCM workarea, SCM eclipse or visual studio plugin, the above error can also occur at Commit to repository time.


The E0302067b error is most likely caused by the following three scenarios :

  1. There is another package with un-merged branch version associated to this path or any sub-path under it .
  2. There is a new item on branch ( x.1.1 ) associated to this package and has not merged yet.
  3. This path has a later trunk version existing in another working view but not visible in the current working view.
    User can look into the above 3 possibilities to try to resolve the error. If all 3 scenarios are checked but the problem still exists, please contact CA SCM Technical Support.


Component: HCORE