Portal Tiles control - Users without project access can see self-servioe tile for that project.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


With version 4.9, any tile created is now being displayed to all users by default.

This wasn't the case in 4.6 where we were able to restrict tiles from users by not providing them access to the project. 

Is there something we need to change to enable this? 

Currently, if a user isn't given access to the project, they are able to see the tile but do nothing on it. This is something we don't want. 


Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager


I tested it with 4.9 and working as expected. Users without link to group with ALL_PROJECTS setting will not be able to view tile.  So in essence, if you give access via the group settings to see all the projects, when you click ViewAllProjects box, you are able to see them even though you do not have access to each project individually.

Please review your group settings and remove ALL_PROJECTS from your group settings that are affecting your general users.