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How to view backup files of CA Control Minder Audit log.


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How to edit/read backup files of CA Control Minder Audit log.

Example file name - seos.audit.bak.26-Mar-2013-00:00:00

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Figure 1


The audit log for CA Control Minder is (seos.audit) and the size of the file can be controlled by the audit_size token at logmgr section in the seos.ini file on UNIX machine.

Location is /opt/CA/AccessControl

# vi seos.ini ..
; Minimum Value: 50KB
audit_size = 10240 (Default )

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Figure 2


Follow the steps to read the .bak files created by CA Control Minder.

  1. Log in as root
  2. Go to the following path (/opt/CA/AccessControl/log )
  3. Give the path of seaudit location (/opt/CA/ AccessControl /bin/seaudit) and add
    the .bak file name that you are trying to extract.

    [email protected] # /opt/CA/AccessControl/bin/seaudit -a -fn seos.audit.bak.12-Apr-2013-00:00:00

  4. Check the screenshot:

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    Figure 3


Component: SEOSPP


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