AWI: Incorrect field validation for Step Name field in Return Code Handling section of Runtime tab for Z/OS jobs


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On the Automation Engine, return code handling for z/OS jobs can be specified at either the STEP level or the PROCSTEP level.

The AWI performs incorrect field validation for the Step Name field in the in Return Code Handling section of the Runtime tab for Z/OS jobs. The AWI mistakenly limits the field to a maximum of eight characters.

If only a step name is provided, then a limit of eight (8) characters is correct. However, if both a step and PROCSTEP are provided, the limit should be seventeen (17) characters, because both the step and PROCSTEP name can be up to eight (8) characters in length.




This by design until to  AWI 12.3.2. In AWI 12.3.2 the field PROCSTEP is limited to 8 Characters instead of 17. This is confirmed by the popup message that shows up when the string exceeds 8 characters. 



Up to release 12.3.2 Automation Web Interface (AWI)



Workaround consists  in exporting  the z/OS job to XML, modify the child elements of MaxRetCode Section and set the value STEP.PROCSTEP manually as required, and then import the XML back into the AE.

Solution is to upgade the AE and AWI to version 12.3.3 or higher. In these version the lenght of the field STEP.PROCTSTEP has been extended to 17 characters. The syntax which requires to '.' separator to be set before the 9th characters is verified, according to z/OS specific constraints.


Additional Information

This a an AWI problem, AE is validates a STEP.PROCSTEP definition of 17 characters.