A product's CSI in CSM (Chorus Software Manager) does not reflect the correct status


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CA Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) CA Chorus Software Manager


Using CSM to apply outstanding maintenance fails due to the incorrect status of the installed product's FMIDs and maintenance in CSM.  How can this be fixed?



The cause of this condition was due to and out of space condition in CSM when installing the product's base and maintenance followed by a successful 'native' SMP/e installation and application of the product's Fmids and maintenance.


Release : 6.0

Component : Chorus Software Manager


To correct this problem condition of CSM not having the correct status of the already applied FMIDs and maintenance the following steps should be performed in CSM:   

1) Perform the 'Remove CSI' (not 'Delete') process selection when in the product's SMP/e environment tab.

2) Perform the 'Migrate CSI' process for the product's CSI.