PII Mask Issue in TDM Portal


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have TDM version 4.8.0 and connect to all databases using Integrated Windows Authentication.

In the Portal, we are able to create a connection profile to an MS SQL Server node using Integrated Windows Authentication with no issue -
the only thing that we had to do was to change the user that initiates the Portal service to a domain user.

In Fast Data Masker, we were facing the error that I attach in the fdm_error.png image:

They followed the instructions in the Tech Tip from the Communities (https://community.broadcom.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MID=774894#bm1b8bbb72-299d-4ca6-a2dc-b3404cb57213) and resolved the issue from the FDM side.
(I tried to replicate their environment in a virtual machine and I was not able to resolve the issue with FDM).

They were also able to create a Masking procedure for some tables, using the TDM Portal.
The configuration files that were generated from the Portal they can download and run from the FDM - with Integrated Windows Authentication.

However, when they run the same procedure from the Portal, it fails with the message:

Connection error: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException:
This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.
Error connecting with connection parameters.

Our understanding is that the Portal generates the masking files and runs them using the batch file that is also generated by the procedure.

For some reason, one can run the batch file manually from the command prompt or the FDM GUI, but the Portal can't.

It looks like that the Portal didn't understand that the issue was resolved by the Tech Tip from the Community already.



An issue with the version of TDM Portal


TDM Portal

Component: CA Test Data Manager


updated to the latest version of RDM and TDM portal 4.8.195+