Finding CA Datacom usage in our environment
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Finding CA Datacom usage in our environment


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Datacom Datacom/DB Datacom/AD


How can we know if CA Datacom is being used on our systems, and which applications are using it? 



Release : 15

Component : CA Datacom/AD

Component : CA Datacom/DB



In order for a MUF to run, certain components need to be loaded into common operating system memory. Therefore, if you run a report of the CA Datacom pieces in memory, you can get a good idea of your Datacom usage. The report you will run is a DBUTLTY memory report. 

To run this report, please refer to your INSTJCL file that you created with the Version 15.1 configuration. In that PDS is a member called AD15SVCR that you will submit to run on each LPAR that you are checking.

This report will show information about every MUF that is running or has run since the last IPL, and will show its jobname so you can then investigate it further for specific applications.



Additional Information

For more information about the DBUTLTY Memory Report, please see the CA Datacom Core 15.1 documentation for Report Memory=MVS

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.