Able to post timesheets with time prior to the DOH (Date of Hire)


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When auto-distributing time on a timesheet where the resource Date of Hire falls, the timesheet can be posted.

Same scenario applies to timesheets with time after the DOT (Date of Termination)


  1. Create a user ResA with all rights
  2. At the Home > Resources side, edit the resource above
  3. Set the Date of Hire as 12/4/20 (December the 4th)
  4. Ensure the Track Mode is set to PPM and is Open for Time entry
  5. Create a project that spans from 11/1/20 till 12/31/20
  6. Add ResA as team member
  7. Administration > Timesheet options
  8. Enable the Allow entry of line item totals option (Modern UX Options)
  9. Log in as ResA to the Modern UX
  10. Go to the Modern UX > Timesheets
  11. Go to the Nov 30-Dec 6 timesheet
  12. Create a timesheet. Try to enter time on any day prior to the DOH set
  13. You get an error: TMA-0906: Resource ID ResA, ResA starts on 12/4/20. Creating a timesheet requires an existing, active, resource who is open for time entry and has a time track mode set.
  14. Go to the timesheet totals and enter a figure, let say 20
  15. Notice the total hours are spreading across all week days. 
        The distribution should not happen on days before the DOH
  16. Click on Submit, Approve buttons
  17. Run the Post Timesheet job

Expected Results: Timesheet not to be submitted with time prior to the DOH
Actual Results: Timesheet is submitted, approved and posted even if time has been entered prior to the DOH


This is caused by DE59200


Release: 15.8.1, 15.9

Component: Clarity Timesheets



This issue is fixed in 15.9.1