Error connecting to the DevTest Registry. Error message: Timed out trying to connect to the registry


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CLOUDTEST CA Application Test CA Cloud Test Mobile MOBILECLOUD Service Virtualization


I am unable to access DevTest Portal UI and DevTest Workstation. I have restarted all the services, and it did not resolve the issue. Please view the image attached for reference:


License Expired


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Diagnostic Findings:
License issue.

The Portal connects to Registry port 2010 the portal-grails-res-hub.log was getting these errors:

2020-12-21 16:59:01,345Z (11:59) [main] INFO - Trying to set up default registry. Attempts left: 10
2020-12-21 16:59:03,861Z (11:59) [main] INFO - No response from remote server RegistryClient [sn=tcp://SVRP000C5DF3:2010/Registry]

The Registry connects  to the Enterprise dashboard and the registry.log was getting this error:

2020-12-21 17:38:58,909Z (12:38) [main] ERROR com.itko.lisa.coordinator.TestRegistryImpl -
The Enterprise Dashboard Server at 'http://localhost:1506'
could not be contacted, and no current activation was found in the local
activation cache for this registry.

This registry will not be allowed to start until it can be activated by a
valid Enterprise Dashboard Server.

Please contact your DevTest System Administrator or contact
CA Customer Support for more information.

The Enterprise dashboard was showing these errors:

2020-12-21 17:32:50,301Z (12:32) [main] ERROR dradis.Application - Exception: License is expired!

Got a new DevTest license, applied it and this resolved the issue.