mon_config_service wont start after 20.3 upgrade
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mon_config_service wont start after 20.3 upgrade


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Probe stays red, exhausted all the troubleshooting I can do.


Release : 20.3



If you're running 20.3.2,

Go to the hotfix site at

and download this hotfix bundle zip which is cumulative:

Release Notes:

Hotfix: mon_config_service_20.31_HF1_bundle
Release Date: 11th Dec 2020
Applicable for: UIM 20.3.1

This patch addresses the following:

DE481849: 32283937 - KPN B.V.(2001566) - Update on UIM profile does not always trigger an probe restart
DE483074: 32327952 - KPN B.V.(2001566) - USM does not always assign monitoring profiles to server. We have them in groups that should apply monitoring to them.

This zip bundle contains the following UIM hotfix packages related to mon_config_service and their respective readme files:

Steps to apply the current patch:
Read the respective package readme files

Deployment instructions

These artifacts are to be applied on UIM 20.3.1. Perform the deployment of the packages in the following order:

Deploy ( Please refer to the respective release notes)


To clear out all of the existing tables and reset MCS you can do the following:

UIM 9.02 and later...

Deactivate mon_config_service probe 

Browse to the Nimsoft\probes\service\mon_config_service\lib directory

Copy the mcs-db-scripts.jar file to the desktop.  (Make sure you do not move this file)

Rename the file to

Open the ZIP file and extract the following file ONLY (\\legacy\sqlserver or mysql or oracle, depending on the UIM database in use):


Copy the .sql file to DB server and run the script to drop the table structure (right-click on the file > Open With > Keep using SQL Server Management Studio). If any table is not removed by the query, please remove them manually, e.g., via Rt-Click->Delete in SQL Server Studio.

Activate the mon_config_service probe - it will create the needed tables automatically.

Deploy mon_config_service packages and probe_templates from Archive. Eg. cdm_mcs_templates, processes_mcs_template, net_connect_mcs_templates etc. 

Create and deploy a profile under Monitoring tab in USM.