Client Automation - Incorrect number of violators in evaluation of a Software Policy


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Evaluation of a Software Policy does not give correct number of violators.
Some computers are missing in violator folder and is not present in the SD Job Container.


This problem could occur if there is an inconsistency in mdb database. Status of a SD activity is still active but its linked SD Job Container is in terminated status (OK or ERROR). 



Client Automation 14.0



Execute following SQL Query to find the name of SD Job Container with problem :

use mdb

select from usd_job_cont jc, usd_link_jc_act l, usd_activity a
where jc.type=3 and <>'__SD_Jobs' and jc.state in (6,7,8) and jc.objectid=l.jcont and l.activity=a.objectid
and a.state=1

Delete the job container returned by this query in DSM Explorer.