Unable to run Java executable Jar file from Javelin


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Hello Team,

We are trying to execute a Java executable Jar file from Javelin using Invokeprocessactivity option and getting an error as below.
Execution complete with error:
The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform.

We tried Upgrading the Javelin tool from 2.0.8 32-Bit version to 4.9.100 64-Bit version as suggested in our community as below

Can you please help resovle this issue



Incorrect use of command
windows supports 3 types of commands.


javelin 4.9.1

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Below is a recap of what we saw and did.
1) We walk through the example in a COMMAND prompt to run the file.
<JAVAFULLPATH>\java.exe -jar <JARFILEFULLPATH>\myscustom.jar
2) this worked as expected
3) we then went into Javelin and set the command to be "<JAVAFULLPATH>\java.exe"
4) we then set the arguments to be " -jar '<JARFILEFULLPATH>\myscustom.jar'"

This then allowed the jar file to be run.