SO15243-BTGDRI downloaded member referenced in the HOLDDATA is missing


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The HOLDDATA instructions for SO15243 indicate that after you APPLY this enhancement PTF you must run a DDUPDATE to catalog the new definition using the BTGDRI downloaded member as input to the SYSIN, but even after applying this PTF there is still no BTGDRI downloaded member to be found. 

Where is the BTGDRI downloaded member referenced by the HOLDDATA to be found?


Release : 15.1

Component : CA Datacom/DB


The BTG deck referenced in the HOLDDATA data should have read  DSTDRI (not BTGDRI which it was for awhile). 

Unfortunately the reviews did not catch this before the PTF was published.

DSTDRI will be installed in the CABDSAMP / CAAXSAMP  dataset.

Install SO16036

It is identical to the enhancement delivered by SO15243, which this solution supersedes, but the hold data has been corrected to specify DSTDRI.


Additional Information

Updating the Definition of an Existing Dynamic System Table



Datacom/AD applications do not use the new INDEX FORMAT feature and are not required to run the HOLD ACTION.