NFA Last Flow Times not updating. Files Collecting In /Staging Directory on the NFA Console
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NFA Last Flow Times not updating. Files Collecting In /Staging Directory on the NFA Console


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


"Last Flow" times for NFA Interfaces have stopped updating, though NFA 1-minute and 15-minute interface data is still visible.

No NFA flows when viewing the protocol reports in DX NetOps or in "Enterprise Overview."

It is also observed the .FLT files are collecting in the ../Reporter/Datafiles/Input/Staging directory.


NFA 2-Tier and Standalone Any Version


Large numbers of backlogged files in the /Nfminput directories on each Harvester. This can happen if the Pump service on the NFA Console machine has been down for a long time, or if there were a network connection error for some of the Harvesters. The Pump service will pause pulling files until the number of files goes down, but if there are too many files the Pump service may never be able to pull enough files fast enough to catch up.

Deleting these "Nfminput" files will only affect the day's Enterprise Overview data (that is only normally accessible for 24 hours in NFA).


Delete all files from:

(on each Harvester)

(on the NFA Console)

Then restart the 


service on the NFA Console.

Wait a couple of minutes, then check the Pumplog*.log on the NFA Console. You should see connection messages for each harvester's IP address. Make sure that the pump service doesn't show a failed network connection to any particular harvester's IP address.

If the problem persists, please provide the Pumplog*.log file and/or the CA Remote Engineer files from each machine, and open a support ticket.