Cannot see state of IPSEC connections into Johannesburg Data Center
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Cannot see state of IPSEC connections into Johannesburg Data Center


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Recent changes to the WSS portal have provided the ability for Administrators to check the state of their connections into WSS. The example below shows the new Locations page, outlining the connection status from a number of locations that are all active



A customer with an IPSEC tunnel into our Johannesburg data center was unable to see any connection information, despite all other IPSEC tunnels showing up correctly to different locations. 


WSS Portal connection state

Explicit and IPSEC Access methods

LSM healthchecks


The RST endpoint is only available on our Google GCP data centers. Johannesburg and our Shanghai/Beijing data centers are in private  non Google data centers and as a result, are unable to send back the info to the Portal. Here are some more specifics on the JSON data returned from the REST call for health information done via the LSM module - we show the data centers we are connected to, the state as well as the last time we connected.

        "connectorType": "ExplicitProxy",
        "ipAddressOrSubnet": "",
        "timeZone": "Europe/Dublin",
        "country": "IE",
        "addressLine1": "Dublin",
        "addressLine2": "",
        "zip": "",
        "comments": "Home Network Explicit Location",
        "status": "CONNECTED",
        "estimatedUsers": "LESS_THAN_50",
        "authenticationKey": null,
        "userFqdn": null,
        "fqdn": null,
        "apiManaged": false,
        "uuid": "cac012f2-640f-11e8-bcc7-98be9421f402",
        "rulesUsageCount": 4,
        "objectType": "LOCATION",
        "dataCenterConnections": [
            "dcId": "giedu",
            "status": "CONNECTED",
            "timestamp": 1608303905699,
            "displayName": "giedu"
            "dcId": "gnlam",
            "status": "CONNECTED",
            "timestamp": 1608307048753,
            "displayName": "gnlam"
        "id": 375226,
        "customerId": 20688,
        "name": "NeilHome"


There are currently no plans to add this to the South African or Chinese data centers.