Return button redirection (coming from a portlet) does not go to the same page


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I have created a portlet based on the task object.

When opening a task from the portlet and clicking on the return button, it does not take me back to the portlet.

I get redirected to the task list of the project the task I edited belongs to.

Is there a way to configure the redirection URL?


The redirection URL is not configurable.

The return action on this case is constructed as follows:

javascript:navigateToTarget( 'mnp', 'page_5040018', 'projmgr.taskProperties%26returnAction%3Dprojmgr.keyTaskListReturn%26id%3D5000001%26projectId%3D5000001' )

If you hoover over the hyperlink of the task name and look to the link constructed, you will see the above return action.


This is currently the PPM design. The portlet mentioned is set to return to the project task list


1. Configure the task to be opened on a pop up

2. Once you have finished with the task edited, just close the pop up.