Not able move logs from reporter post-upgrade due to file permissions


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-- "Web Security Service(WSS)" logs downloaded from cloud will be placed local folder on report. Eg folder name - WSSCloudLogs 
-- After log is processed to database, WSS logs will be moved to different local folder Eg folder name  - WSSCloudLogDone

After upgrade reporter VA from to" the moved logs have 440 permission and cannot be transferred out from "WSSCloudLogDone" folder using FTP client.

In older version of Reporter those files have 660 permission and had no such transfer issue.


Reporter engineering bug ID is RPT-831 is filled for fixing the permissions and it would be taken up in the next development life-cycle for reporter.


Release :

Component : WSS logs downloaded to reporter



We can setup different server to pull the WSS log using WSS SYNC API. Below document explain how-to.
-- Next setup a FTP server in the same server to serve the downloaded WSS log and reporter can pull them as normal FTP client. 

-- You can control permissions on that FTP server.