Staging procedure for Symantec DAR integrations performs slowly


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Information Centric Analytics


The Run Staging Procedures step of the RiskFabric Processing job runs for several hours without completion. Entries in the Log_DataTransformation table show the stored procedure spUpdateStg_SymantecDAR running significantly longer than usual, with a section of entries looping through a set of incident IDs from LDW_DARIncidents that have NULL StatusID values. The loop goes through 500 at a time in order to prevent the IN clause from exceeding the 8000 character limit for OPENQUERY calls.


The loading process filters for INCIDENT.INCIDENTSTATUSID IS NOT NULL, but the StatusID isn't being set properly in the LDW_DARIncidents table, resulting in abnormally large data sets to loop.


Release : 6.5.4

Component : Symantec DAR Integration


A fix for this issue will be released with 6.5.4 MP1.