Nas alarms not autoclosed
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Nas alarms not autoclosed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Although the issue has been taken care, we still see incorrect active alarm of disk free usage as shown in the below snapshots.

We need to close all resolved alarm automatically.


nas probe release : 9.06


Normally, all the CDM alarms will auto clear when thresholds violations are resolved.


But this was a special case, the issue was observed on many robots and the time received for these alarms was same. Customer recalled they had an internal issue then which may have triggered the abnormal behavior.

To resolve the issue, the following steps were performed by remotely logging to the Primary hub server:

1) Deactivated the nas probe

2) Took backup and deleted database.db and transactionlog.db files from the path (..\Nimsoft\probes\service\nas)

3) Activated the nas probe

After performing the above steps, the stale alarms were gone from the Infrastructure Manager Alarm window



Renaming/Deleting the .db files above will cause the complete "reset" of all alarms in the environment.  If you have integrated your NAS with external systems/ticketing systems/etc please be aware that on the next polling cycle, all of the previous alarms which are still active will come in again, which could cause new/duplicate tickets to be created.  Please be aware of this and take steps to mitigate (such as temporarily disabling such integrations until the alarms regenerate.)


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