Notify Process throws "I00020133" - Error sending mail - RCPT TO: ERROR(550 5.1.1 USER UNKNOWN)
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Notify Process throws "I00020133" - Error sending mail - RCPT TO: ERROR(550 5.1.1 USER UNKNOWN)


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister



The Notify Process generates an error indicating unknown recipient.


If the Notify Process generates the error "I00020133" - Error sending mail - RCPT TO: ERROR(550 5.1.1 USER UNKNOWN)

This usually indicates one or more users defined in the notify group cannot be resolved.

To work around this problem, one should try the following test scenario:

Let us say that the problem notify group is "Developers" which has several users.

  1. Use the Admin GUI and create a new "Developers 2" group and assign this notify group in place of the original "Developers" group in the notify process.
  2. Modify the "Developers 2" group and add only the first user to the group.
  3. Test in Workbench the process that uses this Notify process that fails and see if the notify failure still occurs. If the failure does not occur, then use the Admin GUI and add the next user to the "Developers 2" group and retest. Continue with this add new user and test cycle until you encounter the notify error. If the error occurs, then you must investigate this user and determine if this person is still in the company email system.
  4. If the error does not occur, then it is recommended to remove the old "Developers" group, then change the name of the new "Developers 2" group name to "Developers". Last, modify the notify process accordingly.

This problem was discovered in a customer's environment that performed an upgrade from r7.1 to r12.1 SP3.
The root cause of the problem was never discovered, but the work around process stated above corrected the problem and the customer was able to go-live with the new release. It was surmised that one of the user recipients could not be resolved by the mail server at the time and that recreating the notify group and re-adding the users corrected the problem.


Release: SCMNCR99000-12.1-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem