An Entity Freeze Date is Ignored in MUX
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An Entity Freeze Date is Ignored in MUX


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Entity Freeze Date is not being taken into account in MUX


1. Create an Entity, assign Fiscal Time Periods to the Entity (including dates prior to the Freeze Date you plan to use), and associate the Entity with an OBS.
2. On the Entity go to the "Plan Defaults" tab and select a date for "Freeze Date"
3. Create a new Project, assign the OBS to the Project that is linked to the Entity.
4. Create a new Cost Plan for the Project.
5. On the Cost Plan details you will see Time Periods prior to the Freeze Date. 

Actual Results:

In the Modern UX, you can assign values to these fields. In the Classic Interface it will not allow this, and it respects the Freeze Date.


Release : Any


This was analyzed by Sustaining Engineering and determined it is working as expected. In general, many of the options to assign a "default" in the Classic interface is not expected to be included in the MUX.