AAI Insight not showing the full list of Insight reports in Chrome
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AAI Insight not showing the full list of Insight reports in Chrome


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AAI Insight not showing the full list of Insight reports in Chrome.


Release : 6.1.0



  • If Insight and AAI are different servers, which is recommended, you must access AAI with the Fully Qualified Domain Name(FQDN) of the AAI server.
  • Also, both servers need to have the same domain name suffix in the FQDN.
  • The Insight installation script should have also use the FQDN of the AAI server during installation (if not you can update the file below), and the Reporting Configuration in the AAI website must specify the FQDN of the Insight server.

Below are the places you need to set the respective FQDN's of the two servers and ensure the domain names are the same.

  1. Report Configuration tab - Reporting Server must be updated with a FQDN that has the same domain as the AAI server.
  2. Check the applicationContext-externalAuth-preAuth-mt.xml in the <Install Dir>\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF on the insight server and look for the jawsBaseUrl which should be set to the FQDN of the AAI server like below.
    <property name="jawsBaseUrl">
    <value>http://<FQDN of AAI Server>:8080/aai/api/</value>
  3. When accessing Insight reports, you must also use the FQDN in the browser.
  4. If the FQDN's domain names match up in all places and the FQDN's resolve in DNS, you should see the full list of reports when clicking on the Insight tab like below.

Additional Information

  • Note that you may not see this issue in other browsers, but the FQDN's still need to match up as you may see other unexpected issues.
  • You may also see pop ups when navigating the website prompting for your password multiple times like below: