Maintenance mode probe stops communicating with SQL server - which is making alarm panel and USM unusable
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Maintenance mode probe stops communicating with SQL server - which is making alarm panel and USM unusable


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customer had to restart the nimsoft robot watcher service at the primary hub, or had to restart the primary hub continuously to fix it. It usually takes a few hours before the issue comes back after rebooting the primary.

We added the following keys in maintenance_mode:

> registrationIntervalLookAheadMinutes = 240

> maint_max_resp_time = 300

Customer also did reindexing their databases. The issue was not happening for couple of days after that, but them the DB locked happened again.

As per customer, they tried to run the “ select * from ssrv2ObjectLock” query. But, they do not get any output during the lack - it keeps running and never shows the result.

Immediately after re-indexing, they tried the same query and got some output (part of log is followed, the full log “selectfromSSRV2ObjectLock query” is attached to case), but that was not during the lock.


Release :

UIM 20.1
maintenance_mode robe is version 20.10 hf1.

The hub and robots are 9.30


Component :



They have determined that the following query is causing the object locks in the DB -

(@P0 nvarchar(4000),@P1 nvarchar(4000),@P2 bigint,@P3 nvarchar(4000))delete from SSRV2ObjectLock where objecttype=@P0 and objectid=@P1 and threadid=@P2 and probeName=@P3)

It is coming from the mon_config_service which is blocking other queries


DE486879 was created for this issue for which Engineering team requested the following items from the time when issue is happening (specify the time to cancel any time confusion please):









And, requested to share the output of below queries from the same time:

select count(*) from ssrv2audittrail

select count(*) from SSRV2audittrailmodification

There is a new 20.3.2 patch available now which has some new fixes related to mcs template - which might help with this customer issue as well. Could not confirm the resolution without customer response.