Linklisting CC2DLINK dataset question
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Linklisting CC2DLINK dataset question


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Currently we are running NetMaster version 12.1 on our TEST system. I need to start installing version 12.2 on TEST which calls for the link listing of CC2DLINK. If I linklist the 12.2 version can I take out the 12.1 version without affecting the running of 12.1? How should I proceed? 


Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


In general, the CC2DLINK contains modules used by CA Auditor and our Install Utility.
In 12.2 however, the default C:D statistics exit NMCDSTEX and a few related modules were moved from the CC2DLOAD to that library as well.

If you are running Netmaster File Transfer with Connect:Direct, caution is advised in adding the 12.2 CC2DLINK to the linklist while 12.1 is still active. You need to ensure that the 12.1 version of the modules are STEPLIBed in the correct locations, or that they are first in any linklist concatenation.

If you are not running Netmaster File Transfer, you should be able to add the 12.2 CC2DLINK to your LINKLIST with no adverse effects.

As an alternative, you can add the CC2DLINK to your TSO steplib for the install process.
Modules required for USS processing have been added in 12.2, so it does need to be in the LINKLIST prior to bringing up the 12.2 region.

Additional Information

Additional guidance regarding the use of the CC2DLINK can be found in the Installing Guide in these locations