REST Web Services on a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Secondary Server
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REST Web Services on a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Secondary Server


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A CA SDM Secondary server can be configured to use REST Web Services. This document illustrates the steps needed to configure REST Web Services on a CA SDM Secondary server.


  1. Release: CA Service Desk Manager 12.7 and higher


For releases prior to SDM 14.1

  1. On the CA SDM Primary server, open a command prompt and navigate to the NX_ROOT\samples\pdmconf folder.
  2. Execute the following command:

  3. A menu will appear. Type 'E' for 'Edit R(E)ST Web Services Tomcat Servers' and hit the <ENTER> key.
  4. Type 'A' to add a CA SDM Secondary name where you want to deploy the CA SDM REST Web Services. You will be prompted to enter a hostname. Please note that the hostname is case sensitive and the case should match the case used when pdm_configure was executed on the Secondary Server.
  5. Provide the CA SDM Secondary hostname and hit the <ENTER> key.
  6. Repeat Steps #4 and #5 if you have additional servers to add. If not, hit the <ENTER> key.
  7. Type 'X' to save and quit.
  8. Follow further instructions provided by the utility to complete the setup of CA SDM REST Web Services on a CA SDM Secondary server.


For releases 14.1 and higher

  1. Create a configuration in SDM.  Login to SDM Web UI as user assigned the Administrator role.  Navigate to the Administration tab, then System -> Configurations.
  2. The configuration should have a webengine on the secondary server as well as the RESTful Web Services Tomcat Server on the Secondary server.

    The following screencaps of a sample configuration with the entries related to the Secondary Server are provided below (circled in red)

    Object Managers:

    Web Engines/Web Directors:

    Additional Processes (this is the section where the RESTful Web Service entry for the secondary server should be defined)
  3. Once the configuration is setup, stop SDM Services on the Primary and Secondary Servers, then run pdm_configure, first on the Primary, then the Secondary.

    - On the Primary Server, make sure to name the new configuration that was created for the REST Services to be defined on the secondary server.

    - On the Secondary Server, make sure to choose to deploy REST Web Services:

  4. Once pdm_configure completes, start SDM Services.  The pdm_status output should show for REST Web Services:
    DAEMON                         STATUS        HOST            PID   SLUMP CONNECT TIME   RESTART COUNT

    REST Verifier   (pdm_rest_nxd) Completed     PRIMARY

    REST Verifier   (pdm_rest_nxd) Completed     SECONDARY

    RESTful Services   (pdm_tomca  Running       PRIMARY   

    RESTful Services   (pdm_tomca  Running       SECONDARY  
  5. Additionally, you can run the following URL from a web browser to confirm REST web services are available once SDM Services are up and running:

    http://SERVER.DOMAIN.COM:8050/caisd-rest/?_wadl (replace SERVER.DOMAIN.COM with the FQDN of your environment)