[AUTOMIC REST API]Executing Notification Object with Activate Object on the Process Tab doesn't execute the Object


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A Call object starts via ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT (Process tab) a SCRIPT that contains a Prompt (PRPT).

When this call object is executed manually within an AWI session, the call objects starts the SCRI-Object and the Prompt Dialog box shows up in the Request Panel.

Now when this Call objects is called via Rest API the SCRI is activated, but no Request is sent to the user that triggered it, and the SCRI remains undefinetely in status 'Waiting for user input'.
The feature "Open User Input Dialog" does not help to access the request panel. Impossible to provide the input. 

Such a Rest API call could be executed from POSTMAN and would like similar to this:



{ "object_name": "CALL.JOBS.SC2DVMI.1" }



When JAVA API was used the problem did not existed.


Argumentation given by expertise team:

The REST API (CallAPI also) are meant as a way to execute jobs scripts, etc... but without human interaction.
The input prompt should be routed to an active user session, but an active user session does not exist. That is why its not possible the use this like the customer wants.
The same thing happens, when you use the CALLApi the start the customers objects, this works exactly the same.
User interaction is possible only through the AWI.

The java API it was (is) still possible to submit jobs asking for a user interaction.
This is possible on the JavaAPI because a JavaAPI user and AWI user work the same on a session level.
The REST and CallApi do not work the same and that's why its not working, and it never worked.


Release : 12.3 Component : AUTOMATION ENGINE


As this is a behavior by design, refrain from using REST API to trigger such JOB chain. Possibly submit this as feature enhancement the community.