project status widget not showing same color between clarity instances


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Status attributes on default project status reports not indicating the same color when comparing Production and Development clarity environments.






Clarity 15.9 and 15.8.1


The attributes that are part of the concerned status report widget:

Overall status

Schedule status

Scope status

Cost and effort status

Steps to resolve :

  1. Open Clarity studio administration via classic PPM (Administration > Studio> Object > Filter for “Status report” object > Attribute page)
  2. From the Attribute page filter for the status attributes individually and sort the display mapping configuration as per business needs. If the display mapping need to be similar for both production and development then you can replicate the display mappings (color, description and values) for each of these attributes individually.

Additional Information

Please review the following documentation for additional details on the High Level Status widget of the Clarity project status report. The attributes and related configuration is explained in additional detail.

Using project status from status Tab in Clarity.