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Physical attachment files are not archived when running an archive/purge rule on CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) tickets


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When running an archive/purge rule on ticket objects, the physical attachment files for attachments on those tickets do not appear to be included in the archive files.


CA Service Management 17.3


To fix this, follow these steps:

(1) Login to CA SDM and click on the "Administration" tab.

(2) Navigate to "Attachments Library" > "Repositories" as shown below:

(3) Right click on the "Service Desk" repository and click "edit".

(4) Set the Archive Type to "Archive and Purge" and the Archive Path to a directory where you want to store the archive output as shown below:

(5) Click the "Save" button.

Additional Information

Re-test your archive/purge rule - you should notice that now the physical attachment files will be included in the archive output in the directory specified

**NOTE: To re-test your archive/purge rule, you may want to load the previous archive file that was generated by the previous testing so that you can re-use the same tickets as a test. To do this, on a command line, navigate to the directory where your archive/purge rule is set to create the archive files ("$NX_ROOT/site/data/archive/" by default), and run "pdm_load -f archive_file_name" to load the archived tickets back in.