Rally: JIRA Adapter: Turn the integration off/on
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Rally: JIRA Adapter: Turn the integration off/on


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


In the integration_settings Entity, there is a settings_key=stopProcessing.  This setting is checked each time the timer runs on any node.  If the setting_value > 0 for this setting_key=stopProcessing, then the integration will not run any flows.  This is the equivalent of “turning off” or stopping the integration.  If the setting_value = 0, then the integration will process reactions in the queue.  



The scenarios where turning off or on the integration may include but are not limited to: 

  • If updates need to be made to the integration flows, we want to stop the processing temporarily
  • If there is an issue with the source or target system, then turning off the integration will help preserve reactions in a pending state until they can be processed successfully
  • When the integration service is restarted, the integration should be turned off before the stop/start cycle to ensure that flows don't get stuck in the reserved state


There are a 3 approaches for stopping the integration:

  • Run the stopProcessing function 
    1. In the Orchestrator API, use the sidebar on the left to browse to REST lab OR use Postman
    2. In the REST Lab, select Functions
    3. Select the “stopProcessing” function (or startProcessing if “starting” the integration)
    4. Click GET to run the stopProcessing (startProcessing) function.  This will set the flag to 1 (0)
  • Update the integration_settings entity via the DataExplorer
    1. In the DataExplorer, select the integration_settings entity
    2. Find the record where settings_key=stopProcessing
    3. Set the settings_value=1 (or settings_value=0 if “starting” the integration)
  • If the LAC console is not responsive or the Data Explorer is not available, the setting can be updated manually in the database
    1. Login to the adapter integration database (see instructions here)
    2. To turn off the integration, run the following SQL:
update integration_settings set settings_value=1 where settings_key="stopProcessing";

     3.  To turn on the integration, run the following SQL:

update integration_settings set settings_value=1 where settings_key="startProcessing";

     4.  Remember to turn the integration back ON after it has been turned off.  

To start the integration, follow the same steps as above except use the instructions for starting the integration.  When starting and stopping the integration, the listeners do NOT need to be restarted as they do for any other integration setting changes.  

Additional Information

If you are turning the integration off to restart the server, be sure to monitor the cfg_obj table to ensure that the node_ip column is cleared out for all records before restarting.  

The polling timer checks the stopProcessing flag when it first begins running.  If the stopProcessing flag is toggled on while the timer is running, the timer will finish out its tasks before the integration stops, so you may need to monitor the cfg_obj table and wait for all the flows to finish running before restarting.  When all values in the node_ip column are null, the server is ready to restart.