How to change the ActiveMQ admin user password in Performance Management


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We want to know how to change the password for the "admin" user in activemq without impacting communication between DA and DC.

How can the default admin user password be changed for ActiveMQ on the Data Aggregator?

How can the default admin user password be changed for ActiveMQ on the Data Collector?

What is the impact of changing the admin user password for ActiveMQ in DX NetOps Performance Management?


All supported Performance Management releases


In DX NetOps Performance Management release r20.2.4 and earlier:

  • The default ActiveMQ admin user password is used.
  • If the password is changed:
    • Self Monitoring data seen in the default System Health Dashboards will fail to be gathered
    • If the password is changed Self Monitoring data in any custom Dashboard or Report using metrics from the following OOTB Metric Families will fail to gather data. This list is current as of r20.2.6.
      • DA ActiveMQ Broker Health
      • DA Data Collector Polling Statistics
      • DA Data Collector System Statistics
      • Data Aggregator Baseline Calculation Times
      • Data Aggregator ETL Processing Times
      • Data Aggregator Event Calculation Times
      • Data Aggregator JVM Health
      • Data Aggregator Open API Query Calculation Times
      • Data Aggregator Rate Data Loading Times
      • Data Aggregator RIB Query Calculation Times
      • Data Aggregator Roll-Up Calculation Times
      • Data Repository Maintenance Task Times

In DX NetOps Performance Management releases r20.2.5 and newer:

  • The ActiveMQ admin user is set to a custom password.
  • To change the password to a custom value watch this article for updates.
    • We should have more information after the first of the new year (2021).
    • We'll update the documentation with the new instructions as well

Additional Information

Until the ability to properly change the password is available, or until your environment is upgraded to a release that supports the password being changed, the following are the options for control over ActiveMQ access.

On that page there are instructions for the following options. As an alternative to changing the admin password we're recommend one or more of the following be configured.

  • (Optional) Disable the ActiveMQ Admin Console for the Data Aggregator or Data Collector
  • (Optional) Update ActiveMQ Admin Console Access
  • Authenticate and Encrypt ActiveMQ Communication

If the console access is disabled or modified, or the port is changed, keep it in mind when working with the Support team. It's often used for issue troubleshooting and may need to be enabled again temporarily.