How APMIA Host Monitor /SystemEdge extension works?
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How APMIA Host Monitor /SystemEdge extension works?


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How APM Infrastructure Agent collect data from SysEDGE systems? 



Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM IA / Host Monitoring /SysEDGE extension 


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Infrastructure Agent(IA) which has multiple extensions using Host Monitor to communicate with SysEDGE which resides on the target host.

Host Monitor uses the SNMP Protocol, while it acts itself as a SNMP Manager, SysEDGE acts as SNMP Agent (Manager asks for data and the agent replies with data from MIB ).

SysEDGE periodically queries the host to get data and stores them in the form of a MIB.

IA sends OID (Object Identifier) as a SNMP request parameter which SysEDGE maps to MIBs and responds with appropriate data.

IA after collecting all required data sends them to EM.