Slow logon to TLMSISPF on TLMS 14.0.


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CA TLMS Tape Management


Testing TLMS 14.0 and getting slow logon to TLMS ISPF. It's happening right after the call to the TLMSISPF program. We have also upgraded our Cobol compiler to the 6.x release.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


The 14.0 version of TLMSISPF was complied using the IBM Cobol LE version 4. In this case, the client was using the IBM Cobol LE version 6.x. 

Test PTF ST14539 will re-compile the TLMS Cobol modules using the newer release of Cobol LE. Once the test PTF was applied, the logon and logout from TLMSIPF were sub-second. This version of Cobol LE(6.x) requires that the CTAPLINK be in a PDS/E before you apply the PTF.