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we have configured our spectrum 10.4.2 to LDAP, and noticed that the local user (superuser), cant access DX Netops Spectrum.

We have created 2 local users, one is the superuser that was created in the installation and one was created locally as an operator, and they cant log in (not in the  classic Oneclick or the Web App).



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Both Administrator and user accounts must be in the OU=SPEC,OU=SPTEST,DC=xxxxx1,DC=com "container".

The sAMAccountName attribute is a single-valued attribute that is the logon name used to support clients and servers.

If this is a Microsoft's LDAP-based Active Directory, you can use the ADSI Edit to validate the value of sAMAccountName attribute for the Administrator account.

The Administrator account is in the CN=Users,DC=xxxx03,DC=com "container".


The Administrator account is in the  CN=Users,DC=xxxx03,DC=com "container".


The following should be updated.

Login Name Pattern: sAMAccountName={0}
Base User Directory: CN=Users,DC=xxxx03,DC=com
Connection Name: CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=xxxx03,DC=com
Connection Password: **********

Test user: Administrator

Test password: **********

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