AntiVirus - UIM, UMP, CABI and Operator Console pre-installation and operational requirements


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CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


What are the requirements concerning AntiVirus for pre and post installation and ensuring normal ongoing operation for:

- UIM (DX Infrastructure Manager)



- Operator Console

- Hubs/Robots and probes


Release : 9.2.0



Important notes on AntiVirus

Configure your Operating Systems

Firewalls and Virus Scanners

Before you install CA UIM:

Shut down any antivirus software.
(Optional) Shut down your firewall. While not always necessary, this action maximizes your chance of a successful installation. 

If you keep your firewall running:

- Ensure the port between the CA UIM system and the database system is open.
- Specify a starting port during CA UIM installation (the recommended default is port 48000).
- Ensure that an adequate range of ports are open (for example, ports 48000 through 48020).

At a minimum, the first three ports assigned (controller, spooler, and hub) must be open. The port that is used for the distsrv probe communication is dynamically assigned.

- Restart the firewall and anti-virus software when installation is complete.

Firewall Port Reference:

Troubleshooting Additional Scenarios

Also if you examine our troubleshooting section, for example:

"We recommend that you exclude the entire UIM folder from the anti-virus scanning. This alert can occur in multiple probes. Therefore, excluding the entire UIM folder from anti-virus scanning is recommended."

Additional Information

Anti-Virus Protection and Nimsoft programs and folders

Upgrade UIM Server

Turn off Anti-Virus Scanning
Turn off any anti-virus scanners running on the server. These scanners can significantly slow down the installation. You can turn your anti-virus scanner back on after the upgrade is complete.