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Serial number for certain Cisco devices is not always populated in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Occasionally for some Cisco devices Spectrum displays the Serial Number field as empty even though the serial number is available in the mib.


Spectrum 10.x


Spectrum by default gets Serial information from DeviceSerialAttr attribute 0x3d0063

It points to attribute 0x210b5d ChassisId:

ChassisId 0x210b5d Text String
is included in OLD-CISCO-CHASSIS-MIB

For some Cisco devices, a serial number can be populated in another way as follows:
  1. Set attribute DeviceSerialAttr 0x3d0063 to point to attribute 0x12a6e NRM_ChassisSerialNumber.

  2. Right click on the device and choose reconfigure model.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Broadcom TechDocs : CA Spectrum 10.4 - Configure Serial Number Handling" section of the documentation for more information.