How to apply CA MDB for Oracle update to CA Service Desk Manager on Windows when the MDB is on a remote Linux / UNIX Oracle database server
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How to apply CA MDB for Oracle update to CA Service Desk Manager on Windows when the MDB is on a remote Linux / UNIX Oracle database server


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Depending on the necessity, a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) cumulative patch could contain an updated version of the CA MDB for Oracle database. But if CA SDM is on Windows platform, an appropriate patch file for CA MDB may not be present in the CA SDM Cumulative patch.

This document provides steps on how to apply the CA MDB patch when the MDB is on a remote Oracle database server on Linux or Unix.


If you have a CA SDM installation on Windows and you need to apply a CA SDM cumulative patch, you would download the CA SDM Cumulative patch for Windows platform. Such a Windows platform based CA SDM cumulative patch may not contain the needed CA MDB Patch for Linux/AIX/Solaris platforms.

In such cases you need to follow steps similar to the steps documented below:

  1. Download appropriate/equivalent CA SDM cumulative for AIX/Solaris/LINUX platform from For example, you want to apply CA SDM 12.7 CA SDM Cumulative #1 for Windows, download also the CA SDM 12.7 CA SDM Cumulative #1 for LINUX/AIX/Solaris

  2. Place the downloaded tar.Z file on your MDB server host's /opt/CA/ServiceDeskManager/Patches directory. If the directory does not exist please create it.

  3. Unzip the patch file by running command:

    - For Linux:
    tar -xvzf <PatchFileName>.tar.Z

    - For other Unix platforms, uncompress and untar the fix file as follows:
    uncompress <PatchFileName>.tar.Z
    tar -xvf PatchFileName.tar

  4. The above step creates many files but two files are of key importance. These are:

    a) Post_Installation_Steps_and_backout_procedure_for_Cumulatives_in_UNIX.html (or .TXT file)
    b) ORACLE_MDB.tar.Z

  5. Run to apply the patch.

    setupmdb -DBVENDOR=oracle -JRE_DIR=/opt/CA/SC/JRE/1.6.0_23 -DBNAME=ORCL -DBUSER=sys -DBPASSWORD=XXXXX \ -ORA_TBLSPACE_PATH=/PathToOracleTableSpaces -MDB_ADMIN_PSWD=mdbadmin -DBDRIVER=Service_Desk -WORKSPACE=Service_Desk

    Note #1: may need to be run by adding the "-DBPORT" option to provide the correct port number for some Oracle server installations if the default port is changed.
    Run -help to list all options.

    Note #2:
    A Patch log file created in the same directory that is invoked.

    Note #3:
    There is no uninstall mechanism for this patch.
    To restore DB to Pre patch status, use the relevant database restore utility. Should the patch install fail, the transactions within the current patch sql script will be rolled back. Patches containing multiple sql scripts will commit those scripts that apply successfully. Where a sql script fails within a multiscript patch, that script will be rolled back and patch application terminated. Scripts already committed will not be rolled back.

    Note #4: This does require a JRE, preferably the CA supplied JRE which is normally on the CA SDM DVD1 (first DVD). Mount the DVD, and then,for AIX: use the JRE from the directory: /YourMountPointOfDVD>/casd.aixx/java/jre for Solaris: use the JRE from the directory: /YourMountPointOfDVD>/casd.sol/java/jrefor Linux: use the JRE from the directory: /YourMountPointOfDVD>/casd.lnx/java/jre
    Basically it's the -JRE_DIR parameter of the that needs the above reference to JRE.

    Note #5: Once the MDB Patch is installed, follow the rest of the steps in the post installation steps document Post_Installation_Steps_and_backout_procedure_for_Cumulatives_in_UNIX.html (or .TXT file)) , that start with Step #2, can be ignored.

  6. Switch to your CA SDM Windows server and continue to follow the steps to install the Service Desk Manager Cumulative on the CA SDM Windows server by using Post_Installation_Steps_and_backout_procedure_for_Cumulatives_in_Windows.html (or TXT file). You can ignore Step#1 of Post_Installation_Steps_and_backout_procedure_for_Cumulatives_in_Windows.html, because you already performed this step on the MDB server using above steps. You can start at step#2 instead.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration