Critical Option to configure in Options Manager for Performance Improvement: Monitor Joins
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Critical Option to configure in Options Manager for Performance Improvement: Monitor Joins


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CA Service Desk Manager has an option called "Monitor Joins" which can adversely impact performance significantly in any environment, having a significant effect in busier environments.

The "Monitor Joins" option will adversely impact performance significantly in busier environments.

CA Support and Sustaining Engineering highly recommend uninstalling this option for optimal performance.

Here is a description of what the option does:


Specifies whether or not updates to dynamic lists for joined tables are monitored.

Updates to another table can affect the contents of a list. This effect often occurs when you use data partition view constraints containing a join.

For example, a view constraint on change orders or issues containing:

assignee.organization = @root.organization

results in a join from the Change_Request table to the Contact table in all change order, issue, or both lists.

Keeping a change order or issue list containing this constraint up-to-date requires monitoring updates to the Contact table, and refreshing the list whenever a contact changes its organization/business. The result can be that a large number of lists updating simultaneously after an update to a joined table, with a possible performance degradation while the update is occurring. The monitor joins option allows the list updating (and the monitoring of the joined table) to be suppressed at sites where the up-to-date accuracy of such lists is less important than the performance degradation.


Release: 14.1 / 17.x
Component:  USRD


The option gets delivered, out-of-the-box, as "Installed" in Service Desk 12.5 and later (including the latest version, Service Desk Manager 17.x).

The out-of-the-box value of the option is "Yes". 

The majority of our customers need to turn off this option for better performance. This option greatly increases the query load against the backend database server.

These customers have not reported any noticeable delays in scoreboard updates.


  • DO NOT update the NX.env file manually.
  • DO NOT update NX.env_nt.TPL manually.
  • DO NOT set the value of the option to NO in those files.


You must uninstall it in Options Manager:

1. Click the Administration tab, expand Options Manager and click Request Mgr:

2. Edit the option (right-click and choose Edit, or click the option and click the Edit button), next click Deinstall. You may need to click Refresh to verify that the Action Status has been changed to Not Installed: 

3. Recycle the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) services to make the change effective.


Additional Information

For CA SDM 14.1 and 17.x, when the configuration mode is Advanced Availability, refer to the following document to complete the uninstall of the option: 

Best Practice for PDM_OPTIONS_MGR Changes in a Service Desk Manager (SDM) Advanced Availability (AA) Installation

For earlier versions, or for Conventional Mode configurations , recycle CA SDM by stopping the primary server and then all of the secondary servers, followed by starting all of the secondary servers and then the primary server.