Auto-schedule Popup Window comes up behind the Gantt
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Auto-schedule Popup Window comes up behind the Gantt


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The autoschedule popup window pops up behind the Gantt window and cannot be brought to the foreground.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. In Classic, create a project with 2 or more tasks on it
2. On the Task list, click on the Options - Configure link
3. Go to List Column Section - Fields
4. Click on the Properties icon next to the Task Name field
5. For the Link, select the second instance of 'Task Properties' on the list (there are 3), and select the option to 'Open as Pop-up', Save and Return
6. Click on a task to open the Task Properties
7. Go to the Dependencies page, add a task dependency
8. On the Task Dependencies list, click on Return - this opens the Gantt in a popup window
10. Click on the Autoschedule icon on the menu bar

Expected Results: The Autoschedule window opens in the foreground and allows the option to autoschedule. 
Actual Results: The Autoschedule window opens in the background, behind the gantt. The gantt can be closed to access it, but attempting to autoschedule throws an error: (TypeError): Cannot read property 'parentNode' of undefined. 

This issue is intermittent. Steps 6-10 may need to be repeated multiple times. 
This occurs in multiple browsers, but more consistently occurs in Chrome. 


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9



Caused by DE59124


DE59124 is fixed in the 15.9.1 release. 

Workaround: Open the gantt from the Open in Scheduler menu or the Tasks tab menu instead.