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CA Jobtrac Job Management - Submitting a job and you receive message: TRAC014E having RC=01 or RC=04


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You are receiving: TRAC014E message having the return codes of either 01 or 04 when a job is submitted. Why is this?



Release: JOBT..00200-11-Jobtrac-Job Management


There are times you may see a TRAC014E message with a return code of 01 or 04.

Getting a return code of 01 is letting you know the jobname does not match the member name. They must match.

Getting a return code of 04, is telling you one of the following applies:

First, the job failed in the submission exit.

Second, and the most common.

CA Jobtrac JM requires that the JCL be edited with PACK=OFF in the ISPF profile. It is possible the JCL was edit for job(s) earlier using PACK=ON profile.
You can put an 'e' by a job on the Checkpoint and type in PROF after that to see what PACK is set to. If it is 'PACK=ON', you will need to set it to
'PACK=OFF' and then resubmit the job