Error "Could not update value." when trying to save a view in the New UX
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Error "Could not update value." when trying to save a view in the New UX


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Users are frequently getting a 'Could not update value.' error message when trying to add a new column to the existing view of a custom investment in the Modern / New UX.  Added columns are also not reflected in the view.

Any additional fields that are then added, show up as a column in the UI, but when navigating away from the custom investment list and back, those newly added columns no longer appear on the view. However, they have been added to the odf_ui_list_cols table with a value of IS_SELECTED value of 1.  


  • If using Save As to create a copy of the view, the copied view also has the same issue.
  • The same issue occurs with views pertaining to out of the box objects.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create a custom investment
  2. Create enough custom attributes to where there are over a total of 200 api enabled attributes (including out of the box and custom attributes) on the object
  3. In the new UX, go to Investments - <the custom object>
  4. Add about 20 attributes to the view and then remove them
  5. Repeat step 4 with additional attributes until the following query returns 200:
    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM odf_ui_list_cols WHERE view_id = <internal view ID>
  6. Add 1 more attribute to the view
  7. Attempt to remove the attribute from the view 

Expected Results: The attribute gets removed from the view in the UI and its IS_SELECTED value in the table gets updated to 0.
Actual Results: A 'Could not update value.' message gets thrown.  The attribute gets removed from the view in the UI, but it remains with a IS_SELECTED value of 1 in the table. The checkbox shows as deselected in the UI, but when attempting to reselect it, the same error is thrown.The app-ca logs include errors such as: 'ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "odf_ui_list_cols_u2"' and 'ODF-0015: Value must be unique.'


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9



Caused by DE59105


Fixed in 15.9.1.

Workaround: Delete the view and create a brand new view.