Mid Week Joiners can fill time prior to Date of Hire in Classic
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Mid Week Joiners can fill time prior to Date of Hire in Classic


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If a resource's hire date is mid time period, they are able to enter time on the Classic timesheet for that time period even if it's prior to their hire date in Classic Clarity. 

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to Clarity Classic 
  2. Set the date of hire for a resource that is open for time entry to the middle week, for example 23rd September 2020  
  3. Assign this resource to a project task
  4. Log in as the resource and enter time in the timesheet for the task for the week starting the 21st September 2020 

Expected results: Resource cannot enter time for the 21st and 22nd September 2020   

Actual results: The time can be entered for the days in the week prior to the date of hire.


Release : All Supported



This is working as designed in Classic Clarity. The product does not exclude the days prior to the Hire Date that are part of an open time period (the whole time period that matches the hire date will be allowed for posting)


This functionality is available in Modern User Experience starting in 15.7 (added as part of DE49901/DE49826), so the recommendation is to use the Modern User Experience for timesheets. 

Note: In Classic, there might be a possibility of achieving this behavior with an automated process, similar to the discussion in this Communities thread:

Prevent Time Tracking to Project / Tasks closed for time entry?

That option would be outside the scope of Support though, as this would be a customization.

Additional Information

See New UX Timesheets able to be created Prior to 'Hire Date' for a defect fixed in 15.7