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CA Jobtrac Job Management - Upgrading JES2 consideration with running AUTO-SCHD jobs.


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Upgrading JES2, what needs to done for CA Jobtrac JM when running AUTO-SCHD jobs?



Release: JOBT..00200-11-Jobtrac-Job Management


Anytime you are upgrading JES2, member HD11JES2 needs to be run. CA Jobtrac JM provides a USERMOD for customers that use JES2 and are using the AUTO-SCHD feature. AUTO-SCHD jobs are submitted from outside of CA Jobtrac JM and may be held in the JES2 input queue until the job's requirements have been met. Traditionally, CA Jobtrac JM has used the $HJ command to hold jobs during job conversion, but later releases of JES2 delay the command's processing and can let the jobstart running before the command is processed. Applying USERMOD UM00001 lets CA Jobtrac JM hold jobs by setting flags directly in the JES2 control blocks.