S014 in UCF batch even when all UCFLINE PTERMs are not in use
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S014 in UCF batch even when all UCFLINE PTERMs are not in use


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A UCFbatch job to execute DCMT command gets S014 abend saying NO AVAILABLE PTERM but a DCMT D LINE UCFLINE shows all PTERMs in DISCON status, meaning they are not in use. 


A DCMT D LINE UCFLINE showed the following:

      D LINE UCFLINE                                                 
     *** Physical Line Display ***                                   
PLine-ID UCFLINE                                                     
  Status InSrv                                                       
  Module ZU                                                          
LTerm-ID PTerm-ID Type/M Status Term-ID    FES-ID   UCF-Stat UCF-Mode
UCFLT01  UCFPT01  UCF Discon BGTUSE1 (R)                                   
UCFLT02  UCFPT02  UCF Discon BGTUSE2 (R)                                   
UCFLT03  UCFPT03  UCF    Discon ###$UCFB(R)                                   
UCFLT04  UCFPT04  UCF    Discon $SYLV3 (R)                                   
UCFLT05  UCFPT05  UCF    Discon ###$UCFB(R)                        
UCFLT06  UCFPT06  UCF    Discon ###$UCFB(R)                                 

Each PTERM was defined in sysgen with a NAME parameter that shows up in the TERM-ID column and the (R) means it is Reserved and can only be used for that name.

The names shown are either Userids which are used as TERM-ID for UCFTSO sessions,  or JOB/STC names which are used for TERM-ID for UCFbatch jobs.

 The JOB name user was submitting did not match any of the defined names AND there were no PTERMs defined to the line without a NAME so the UCF line driver could not select a PTERM for the UCF batch session.


Either PTERMs must be added to the UCFLINE that are "generic" (I.E defined with parameter NONAME),  or PTERMs must be added with a NAME that matches the UCFbatch JOB/STC name.


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