Workpoint "TableID cannot be null" error
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Workpoint "TableID cannot be null" error


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


Recent migration to IM 14.3 CPx and JBoss 7.2 - different errors are observed when utilizing Workpoint Designer for manipulating processes and jobs.

Examples for different errors:

  • The export of default, OOTB processes proceed in order and no error is observed.
  • Exporting processes using custom Java results in an error:
    TableID can not be null!
  • Opening an existing custom job in Workpoint throws an error:
    Cannot cast to
  • Custom process definition modification - the following error occurs when saving
    !Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.langNoSuchMethodError: com.workpoint.client.ProcessDefinition.isNodeInLoop (Lcom / workpoint / common / util / TableID; Ljava / util / ArrayList;)
  • Manual creation of a new process through the designer ends with the error
    javax.ejb.EJBException: serialVersionUID does not match!


IM 14.3 CPx on Wildfly 15.0.x / JBoss 7.2


Incorrect configuration in place


Follow and follow the steps under "Configure WorkPoint Administrative Tool on JBoss or WildFly" and require adjustments.